Sunday, January 17, 2010

the birth of an idea

after reading your suggestions in the comments on my previous post, i've been mulling around some iotas of thoughts that i'm hoping will flourish into an idea on journaling about stopping smoking and breaking this habit that has a stranglehold on me.  maybe i need a new approach.  my question for all of you do you formulate your ideas for your projects?  do you start with a color?  an image?  a bead that you are drawn to? do you just "start" and then see what happens?  sometimes i just bead and then marvel at how it fits with my thoughts and i name it when i'm done.  other times it's very methodical at how it comes about.  what is your method?  hoping i can learn a new trick or two from you so very talented ladies!!!


Lynn said...

Oh Lisa, what a bite to have to deal with carpal tunnel and quitting smoking. Yikes. I wish you all the best in kicking the smoking out the door.

Why not try a technique that you haven't done before (if there is one). That might make your mind concentrate on the new task, so there's less room for the addiction to creep in.

Carol said...

I have only been bead embroidering for about a year, and mostly for my BJP. Mostly I bead about what happens to be on my mind at the time. I think about how to depict it and just start.

This year, I think I might try sketching the idea first.

The bead expense can be an issue. I usually try to get to Micheals or Hobby Lobby when there is a sale or at least use a 40% coupon to help build my stash. There are also a couple of places on line that are reasonable.

JoTee said...

I totally understand about "kicking the habit", I smoked for over 30 years, now 10 years later I am totally smoke free. Believe me it is not easy to quit, but I learned that smoking controls you, so you have to control it by "kicking the habit". My other thingy was that there were so few places to smoke, plus not many of my friends smoked. So I suggest lots of SUPPORT from friends & family to help you.

Beading idea's, hmm I let the colors dictate to me, plus the idea's, by that I mean I "go with the flow" of the moment. No "expectations" just the "flow".

Enjoy your beading!! :)

Whytefeather said...

I haven't been doing bead embroidery for very long yet, so I don't know exactly what or how I start. Lol. Hmmm. The first two I did I knew what I wanted to portray and went from there, my January BJP I was kind of vague with a few words in my head and just started "what-if-ing" and "I wonder what this would look like" my way through.