Sunday, March 14, 2010

On A Roll

My adorable 8 year old daughter, Sara, always watches over my shoulder when I bead.  And she always says how I need to make her something.  After all, I've made Sami (my 14 year old daughter) several things.  I have actually made Sara a few things, like a little loomed coin purse with her name and several square-stitched bracelets.  But her memory is short.  Very short. lol.  So I decided to make her an embroidered bracelet.  (I had so much fun with the first one!)  I bought a little package of doodads from Joann's in fun, happy, summery colors...they remind me of a swimming pool and green grass.  Although, living in the desert I can only dream of the soft green grass in the midwest. 

She wasn't home when I cut the felt, so I guesstimated.  Guess what!  You shouldn't guesstimate.  I got it too short.  BUT...I had already started the beading, and I was not going to rip it all out.  When the beading was done, I made a an extension with the beaded loop for the button, and I think it looks like an "on purpose" instead of fixing a mistake.  This was rather challenging.  The beaded area was very small...5.5" x .75", and I wanted to make it look "fancy" for her with different doodads.  Of course, she wanted them all, but they just wouldn't fit.  I made this one symmetrical, unlike my first venture, and used just a few doodads in different styles and colors.  It's backed with soft tan microsuede and finished with a picot stitch around the edges, which I think I did a better, more even job of this time around.

I think it's very cute for a little girl!  What do you think?  (You can click on the pics for a larger view.)  Oh, haha, I told her to take it off for a minute so I could photograph it.  She kind of panicked and said, "You aren't going to sell it, are you!?"  No, punkin, I'm not selling your bracelet.


The modified, extended loop makes it fit just perfect.  Now if I can just convince her not to grow anymore!

Sara, my happy camper!


Bobbi said...

Hi, I love the bracelet you made for Sara! It came out so pretty, I'll bet she's thrilled with it! Love the extension also, great idea!
I hope that you have a wonderful week!
Hugs and happy beading...

Carol said...

Ha! addicted to cuffs now!! Its such a perfect little bracelet and she is so pretty and happy to have it. Cool work!

Lisa Criswell / Indigo's Beads said...

thanks bobbi! carol, yes, i am officially addicted thanks in part to you for suggesting it in the first place! next i'm going to try to make one with a cuff blank and see how that goes.

Robbie said...

Beautiful piece! And beautiful little one!!

Lynn said...

:) I don't which is cuter -- the bracelet or your daughter!!!! They both make me smile!

Ralonda said...

hahaha, very appropriate for a little cutie like that!