Thursday, November 11, 2010

A New Journey

Hello, everyone!  I just wanted to tell you about the project I am working on.  Just recently a representative from a website called Videojug contacted me.  She had seen my blog and really liked it (yea!).  Videojug is a website that is about all things hobbies and interests.  People contribute pages with instructions, videos, photos, etc. to help others interested in that hobby.  Jemma asked me to contribute pages for them!  Is that kinda cool???

So yesterday I had my daughter video tape me (or my short, little, stubby arms at least lol) giving a "getting started" demonstration into the world of bead embroidery.  I discussed needles, thread, fabric, backing and showed how to knot on and knot off the thread properly...a crucial task to learn well when doing bead embroidery.  I plan to do a whole little series teaching a variety of stitches from beginner to advanced.

The other fun thing is that Videojug is doing a contest this month...whoever submits the most and best quality videos will win $1000!!!  The prizes go down to $100, and they are giving away $3000 total.  I told Sami that if she videos for me and I happen to win, she gets 10%.  lol.  Whatever it takes to get the help, you know? 

The video is too dark if you ask me, and you can tell I was nervous doing my first video, but I'm satisfied with what I did.  The next ones will only get better.  I think I will need to do the videos in the daytime from now on with the natural light coming in the window to help brighten things up.  I also had to learn how to use YouTube, which isn't as easy as people make it out to be if you ask me.  My video was too big to upload directly to the site, so I had to link it in from YouTube.  I just have to make sure my videos are not longer than 10 minutes in the future.

But, I'd like to invite you to see my first page submitted to Videojug.  I hope I got the link can click here to view it.  Feel free to leave me comments, critiques and criticisms here or on my Videojug page itself.

Oh, and I forgot to mention.  I can make some extra $$ through this venture.  I get a 50/50 split on revenues generated from ad clicks.  So, you know, if you want to click an ad while you're there... ;)

And one more thing.  I'd like to thank all the veterans out there who have served to make this great nation what it is today.  If you, your hubbies, sons or daughters are veterans...thank you from me.


Carol said...

Way to Go!!
The vid is just fine. Keep going!

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Very nice job on the video, Lisa! I am looking forward to the rest of the series!

Robbie said...

Well, look at you! A star in the making! Good video which should give some 'newbies' and even some oldies a hint or two! Look forward to more video's from you, Lisa!!

Bellesanbeaus said...

hehe and I can say I knew you when....Congrats baby girl and I hope you enjoy this new fork in the road! Sending you huge hugs and best wishes!

robin michelle said...

Very cool - Congratulations! I look forward to seeing more of them.

Abracadebra Designs said...

Way to go Lisa :) Nice video. Lots of good tips that I hadn't heard before. Your voice is nice and clear and very pleasant to listen to. Looking forward to the other videos. See, I knew you'd teach me a thing or two about bead embroidery!!