Thursday, December 16, 2010

Nicole's Bead Backing

I have recently received a new "must have" item in the mail from Nicole Campanella.  If you haven't been introduced to Nicole yet, she is an extremely talented bead artist and author.  In addition to many step by steps featured in quite a lot of publications, she has also written her own books.  You really must visit some of her websites to see more about her (I'll put her links in at the end of the post.)

But what I want to tell you about today is a great product called "Nicole's Bead Backing".  If you have been a follower of my blog over the past year plus, you may have heard me tout the virtues of interleaving.  Well let me tell you...this Bead Backing is a great product to have.  It totally eliminates the need for fabric and other backings for stabilization.  It is stiff but not hard, easy to bead through, and can be cut to any shape you want with no fraying of the stays exactly as you cut it.  And I double is also acid-free so it won't eat up your threads.  This is what her insert says:

"Use each piece as is or cut to size.  Superior texture and thickness for flat beadwork, applique, or gluing on cabochons, glass beads, stones, shell and other natural materials.  Bead Backing is also perfect for sewing or gluing on ribbon, lace, or floss to add to your beading designs.  Use beading supplies and any beading technique you desire."
Multi-color packs
Newest color added

And I couldn't say it better in my own words.  This product is great for bead embroidery!  It comes in 14 or 15 different colors...I think the original package came in 14 colors, but she now has a light camel color as well.  You can buy a sample kit of all the colors that come in sizes of approximately 4"x4", and some are a little bigger.  You can also buy half sheets of all the colors that are 9"x6".  And now you can also order the newest color in 12"x9" sheets.  I love the new color because it is so neutral and can go with so many colors and types of beads.

I would really recommend trying Nicole's Bead Backing.  I think you will really love working with it!  To see more about Nicole, her work and shops here are her links:

Thank you, Nicole, for sharing your Bead Backing with me!  I will definitely be using it, and I hope you all give it a try, too!!!


Beadwright said...

I am speechless. That doesn't happen very often. Thankkkkk you soooo very much for this incredible review of Nicole's BeadBacking. I truly am sooo happy that you like is so much. My new color Mocha Cream is exactly as you describe perfectly neutral.
Your post is just what I needed today. Thanks for cheering me up and bringing a smile to my face.
Have a great day

Sweetpea said...

Lisa, what a great review! I purchased some of this wonderful stuff a year or so ago and it is everything, in every way, that you describe. And that new color - what a great addition. Beaders will get hooked, for sure ;>}

Craftymoose Crafts said...

I've been using Nicole's Bead backing exclusively for all of my projects...and it is everything she says it is and more! I love it!
Nice review!