Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Made some quick and easies

I have some beautimous things coming up, but I'm not ready to post them just yet.  Stayed tuned for that!!!!!
Today I rediscovered Stretch Magic.  Have you used Stretch Magic before?  Very fun product.  But you have to know the trick.  The first time I bought this product years ago I didn't know "the trick".  Nope.  My knots would come undone immediately and whatever I strung on them would fall right apart.  I got so frustrated I gave up and didn't touch it again.  Until today.  It came about because my daughter, Samantha, has a bracelet that is stretchy with skull beads that was a gift to her from a friend in Finland.  So it is a special bracelet for her.  BUT a couple months ago it got twisted and tangled and could not be undone.  Of course she came to the bead lady who is conveniently mom and asked to have it fixed.

So it sat for a while.  And sat some more.  Until today.

What's "the trick" to Stretch Magic?  Glue!  You have to put a dab of glue on the knot!!!  'doh!  Why didn't I think of something so simple?  Isn't it so true how the simplest things can escape you?  The glue of choice from many out there is GS Hypo Cement.  It has a super-fine applicator and is supposed to be the bee's knees.  Unfortunately, I'm not patient enough to wait for something to be shipped from online right now, and my local craft stores don't carry it.  So I used Super Glue LocTite Control Gel.  I have to say that it has worked pretty good!  It has a good applicator, dries quickly and leaves no mess.

After I remade Sami's skull bracelet, which got me a big smile, a "thank you mommy" and a voluntary hug, I was ready to try some more!  I looked through my little stash and found a few things to work with.  First, I found some leftover beads from a past project and made little Sara a bracelet.  The bright blues and greens are so cheery and fun...just like her!  It's a touch big on her wrist, but I intended it that way because she's only 9 and still has lots of growing to do.  Here is Sara's bracelet...

After I did Sara's, I was still super-excited about this quick, easy and fun product, so I did some more.  Here's what was next:
I just looove this one!  I think it looks really great considering how simple it was to do.  And then finally I did this one:
The photos were taken inside, so the colors did not show up well.  The main color is amethyst.  A little bit of shades of pink.  The big beads are ceramic and the heart is a Swarovski to add a hint of sparkle.  The funny thing with this one was that I totally intended it to be symmetrical all the way around.  I got it done and it was too long.  Then I took some off and restrung.  I finished it, put on the glue, let it sit for a few seconds and pulled the knot.  Too soon!!!  It came undone and most of the beads came off.  I lined up the beads again and strung them on, finished it again.  Glued the knot once, let it dry.  Glued the knot again, let it dry.  I set it down to take a look and realized the patterns are totally off.  lol.  I guess this bracelet had a mind of its own and decided it was going to be an asymmetrical style.  That's ok.  It works, too.

On a personal note...I am very proud of my son, Tyler.  He has been on his new job for a few days now.  We worked VERY hard in a job search for him.  We went driving just about every day to any place we could think of to pick up applications, come home, fill them out, go out the next day and drop them off.  Days of picking up.  Days of dropping off.  Days of following up.  It lasted about 5 or 6 weeks of that.  And finally the perseverance paid off.  He now works for WalMart in the Tire Center.  Way to go Tyler!  Also, his girlfriend Michelle was told at her interview on Monday that she will most likely get the job and that they just have to check her references!  Woo Hoo!!!  It will be so nice for them to be getting paychecks and to start saving some money.  Then they won't be living in my family room forever!  lol 

Now we just have to wait for the Union to call Jeff and put him back to work.  I love my husband, but when he's home all the time I think we drive each other just a little bit crazy.  lol.  Nah...he's a good hubby.  I love having him around.  Actually, he's been oh so very helpful to me with the kids and stuff.  I've been so terribly exhausted lately and he has really come to my rescue.  I love my man!  But please do put out some positive energy for Jeff to get back to work as soon as possible. 

Ok.  That's it for now, but remember...I have some really pretty things coming up soon so stay tuned!


Bellesanbeaus said...

Love your lil easies! You did a wonderful job on them sweetie and I am still looking forward to the new things! You know I am not very patient, but, guess I will wait like everyone else! So happy for Tyler and Michelle...now we just gotta send some good juju for Jeff! Big hugs hun

Carol said...

cute bracelets!!
I have stretch magic, but admit I have never used it.
Did you thread the TM through the beads more than once? Some bracelets I have bought seem to have more than one time around.

Are you selling? Valentine Day is prime time you know!

Beadwright said...

Very nice. I love the second one as well.

Craftymoose Crafts said...

I always had a problem with stretch magic, too! I'll have to give it another try. Your bracelets are pretty & I look forward to see your new creations!

Abracadebra Designs said...

Hey Lisa, Absolutely in love with that first bracelet. Gorgeous colors.