Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Shopping Frustrations...or Creative Challenge???

I wanted to buy beads to do a Christmas inspired piece for the first BJP.  I shopped online...the stores near me seem to be so limited.  Artbeads.com was out of stock on so much stuff, and I was so disappointed!  I guess I didn't shop early enough.  And then I thought I wanted some little dangly holiday charms or snowflakes or something.  omg, I had no idea how expensive they were!  Well, hubby gave me just a $20 budget, so we'll see if I can get creative enough on the few beads I found. Because $3-$5 each for a dangly just wasn't in the cards for me today.  Unfortunately, I'm a pretty new beader and I don't have a lot of stock, so $20 doesn't go very far.  Time to get the juices flowing!!!  I got some silvery and gold bugles, gold and white 15/0's, a white and cream 8/0, and a couple 11/0's in various shades of white.  I have some pearl beads on hand in a couple different sizes, some green and red in 11/0's and 15/0's.  Oh and some sparkly/shiny beads that look like little Christmas balls.  So, I'll show pics of the progress when my beads come in.  Stay tuned!  :)

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