Wednesday, November 4, 2009


My second piece I did, Tranquility, was the complete polar-opposite of my first project.  This one, done in shades of blue, amethyst, a splash of green and some pearl-colored beads, was done with thoughts of peace and serenity.  I tried some different stitches in this one, including the running water stitch and branch fringe.  I was completely happy with how this one turned out.

Every element I love in this piece.  I started off with the amethyst chips and the mirrors at the bottom and then the pearl and disc and leaf beads at the top.  There was a silver button with a floral swirl in the top right, but I just couldn't fall in love with that, so I ended up taking it off and I'm glad I did.  After the "chunky" pieces, I began to fill it in.  My final struggle to complete it was a blank spot in the middle.  My daughter, Sami, said it could use some green.  I wasn't sure about it at first, but now that it's done I think she made the right recommendation, because I have learned to like the green kinky fringe with the white beads at the ends as well.

I went shopping today for a few new things.  Greens, golds and coppers caught my fancy today.  Holy cow the metallics are expensive!  My husband is unemployed and beads are such a luxury...he has me on a very tight leash when it comes to my bead shopping.  So I have to be very thoughtful of every single thing I buy to make sure I love it right off the bat and will get good use of it.  I can't be buying things I "might" use in the future...otherwise I'd go nuts at the bead store!!!

Anyways, I will start tomorrow on my next project with the things I bought today.  Will post it when it's done.

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Bobbi said...

Lisa, this is a amazing 2nd piece work of Art! Wow! Your daughter was right, the green looks great! I really love your different stitches you used, I'm beginning to see the difference now and I'm able to recognize them.
Question on the branch fringe. I've seen this quit often and really love it. I wanted to use that type of fringe around one of my cabs, is that stitch in either one of Robin's books that you were telling me about?
Also another question if you don't mind; your leaves, discs, and beautiful amethyst chip pieces, what type of glue did you use for them?
The piece itself is just beautiful!
Hugs and happy beading...