Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What a lucky girl I am!!!

Do you all know Cyndi from Beading Arts?  Well, she has a great blog full of fun, interesting and inspirational things that you should definitely check out!  As I got familiar with Cyndi's blog I used her category list on the right bar if you scroll down and clicked on topics such as beadweaving or bead embroidery.  I like the fact that she often includes the exact materials she used and often the instructions on how to make what she did.  What a great thing to have! 

So one day about two weeks ago Cyndi was having a giveaway of a book that I thought looked like it would be really fun, so I left a comment and crossed my fingers.  I had really forgotten about the giveaway (I never win so I lose track of deadlines and win days) when I got an email.  I WON!!!  Wow!  This was the first time I had ever won a blog giveaway, and I was truly so excited!

What is my prize?  It is a great little book called "Making Elegant Jewelry for Special Occasions" from the publisher of BeadStyle magazine. 

My copy came in the mail today, and I was excited to get into the book right away.  It has beautiful projects with sections on Crystals, Pearls and Wire.  Wouldn't you know it?  Those are my 3 favorite things!!!  If you've been following my blog you know I've been learning about wire, I almost always use crystals, and pearls top the list of my favorite things next to crystals.  Lucky me!  The directions are easy to follow, which is good for me because I have a hard time following printed patterns for beadweaving, so this is much easier.  I don't know that I will follow the designs exactly, but what awesome inspiration!

Thank you Cyndi for giving such a wonderful gift!


Lynn said...

Good for you girl! I've won a few giveaways too, but not all of them actually followed through and I didn't get them :(

I'm sure you will find lots of inspiration in there!

Cyndi L said...

I am so happy that you won, Lisa! I love it that these are all your favorite things, and I really hope you will enjoy "working" your way through the book...or should I say "playing" your way through? :-)


Craftymoose Crafts said...

Congrats, Lisa! The book sounds like it was meant for you! I'll look forward to seeing what you create.