Friday, April 29, 2011


Lucky me!  I've got two ladies who want me to teach them some things about beading.  I'm always glad to have new beady friends.  They got some of my patterns from The Bead Coop and we are going to start with square stitch on a bracelet.  Then when they are comfortable working with the beads and charts we are going to move on to the loom for more complex tapestries.  I'm really very excited.  They have to order the beads first, so that may take a week or so.  Then we have to coordinate schedules, and that may be a little tricky.  I'm hoping that Jeff is working by then which means my afternoons would be more tied up and we'd be stuck with either evenings or weekends.  But it will work out.  If anyone else out there reading my blog lives in the Phoenix area and wants to get together for a bead day with some new friends, give me a holla.  If they let me I will take pics and show our day.  Fun fun fun!!! 

In the meantime, I don't really have any pics to show today because I am trying to finish up a project I started about a month ago.  It has sat unfinished for quite a while and I don't like leaving unfinished things around.  So I'm going to finish that before I move on to my brandy new handmade cabs.  I made a little headway about 3 inches done on my rope, which I'm aiming for 34".  I'm almost half way!  Hope I don't run out of beads before the end.  I'm using leftovers of things, so it might get nip and tuck there at the end. 

Ok, kids.  That's all I got today.  My in-laws are coming over for cake and ice cream tonight at about 7 (it was my mil's bday yesterday).  Made a super delicious black forest cake!  Can't wait to dig into that!!!!!  But first, it's what my husband calls Jimmy's Casserole.  (Frozen burritos layed out in a baking pan, covered with cheese with green salsa poured on top and baked for about 45 minutes.)  It's a quick and easy night.  But still surprisingly tasty nonetheless.  It's best with my amazingly awesome homemade guacamole, but avocados are still a bit pricey.  So it's just topped with sour cream for tonight.  I've rambled on quite long enough for one day.  Have a very happy weekend everyone!!!

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Anonymous said...

Oh that cake sounds yummy! Wish I wasn't across the country or I would come to your class! Sounds like so much fun! I might actually have a teaching gig also, still don't know yet. I would be teaching a bracelet class at a local senior center. But I'm still waiting to hear, so maybe not. lol.