Monday, April 11, 2011

What a Difference in a Day

Wow.  I have been experiencing two polar opposite ends of the spectrum these last 2 days.  I have been working on a necklace featuring one of Beth's face cabs that I always talk about.  I sat it on my table and started pulling out beads.  I am using some colors that I do not normally use.  That may sound difficult, but I am finding that this piece is practically creating itself.  I have been loving working on it, looking at it, showing my progress to my biggest fans (my kids :).  Matthew loves it so much that he said I have to keep it and not put it up for sale.  The beading has been effortless.  Well, maybe a slight hiccup.  I learned how to do a spiral rope and I had two false starts.  Not on the stitch itself but on the choice of colors for the core and stuff.  The third one was the keeper, but it wasn't even a big deal.  I stitched about an inch each of the first two combinations, so I'm just calling those 2 inches practice.  I can't wait to finish it up and show it off.  But I have to get a clasp for it first.  Could have sworn I had an extra gold-plated clasp in my box, but no.  Plenty of silver plated, but not what I need.  Bummer.
this is how i feel today.  huh?!?!

I went from that extreme of artistic and creative flow to complete and utter confusion.  I have to create something now that is totally not my style.  I've never attempted it or particularly cared for it.  And now I have to make something beautiful.  I have tried looking to my computer and the trusty old Google to find ideas.  I have scoured Etsy looking for inspiration.  Nothing.  Nada.  Blah.  So what do I do?  How do I come up with the perfect idea when I don't even really know what this style is supposed to look like?  I've been giving myself pep talks, telling Me that this is an artistic challenge and I'm stretching my boundaries, spreading my wings.  It's not working.

I know you amazingly talented artists out there in Blogland have had this happen.  I have a mental block and my muse is no where to be seen.  Actually, I think she is still hovering over the necklace I'm so happy with and doesn't want to leave it.  What are your suggestions, ideas, remedies, mental block busting methods of overcoming such a challenge? 


Mandy said...

Hi Lisa! Congrats on your spiral rope! Isn't it fun to do?? One of my 365 a day lessons was the spiral v-neck, where it dips down in the middle to show off a pendant with out a bail. It's really cool. You can find a link to the tutorial (at ruby's) on my blog.

As for inspiration? Since I'm pretty new at this and not really creating that much original stuff, I'm not sure where to send you. My best ideas for posts come from looking at other people's blogs, for me especially the ones from Russia. Look at the blogrolls of the masters, Jean Power has a whole page of blogs separated by country. Cool

Craftymoose Crafts said...

What usually works for me is not to force things. Unless you are working under a deadline, of course. Sometimes doing something completely different--baking, going for a walk, anything that is creative in a nonjewelry way may get your juices flowing again. Good Luck!

Abracadebra Designs said...

Hey Lisa, Can't wait to see your beaded face cab. Congrats for conquering the spiral. It's fun, isn't it? Don't worry, inspiration will come. Just don't dwell on it, and when you least expect it the beads will speak to you. I have faith in you, and think that you are extremely creative. - Debbie