Friday, August 5, 2011

Been in anyone still out there?

I can't believe it's been two weeks since I last posted already!  Is anyone still out there paying any attention to my little corner of the world?  Raise your hand and say, "Here!"  I heard something faintly, so maybe there are a few of you left.

I have not been hiding.  I've actually been very very busy.  I am getting my projects done for the book, and that has taken up all my time.  One project I did and redid 6 times to get it just right...whether it be something not quite right in the beads or not quite right in the photo.  If it was a problem with the photo I'd have to redo the project to get to that point to retake that particular photo and get it right.  Another project I had to take 4 inches out of (and that was A LOT of work!)

In addition to the beading I take all of the step by step photos and correct them all in Photoshop to get them as ready as possible for publication.  One photo takes 20-30 minutes.  That equals out to approximately 5 hours per project just fixing photos.  Then I had to write all the instructions, pass them back and forth to the author for edits and tweaks, and then do the final copy in the final formatting. Oh and then put them on CD. Whew!  There's been a lot to do for 3 projects!  And I still have one more project to do.  But this one is a little tougher because I need an extra set of hands to take photos.  In one of my projects in the book you'll see my son Matthew's hands!  :)  He was being such a good hand model for me.  :)

On top of all that, it's about the end of summer and I've been getting the kids ready for school to start.  They go back this Monday, the 8th.  Matthew has been soooo bored and can't wait to go back.  Sara is somewhat excited, and Sami just wants to stay home.  I think she'll enjoy this year a little more than last because she was able to take a couple of electives that she is really interested and intro to psychology.  So maybe it will offset all those Honors classes she has to work so hard in.

Had to take the two little ones to the pediatrician's office.  Matthew had to get a physical for football, get his asthma med prescriptions written, and get two immunizations that are required for 6th grade. Lots of money has been emptying out the past couple weeks!  ugh!  We try and try to get a little ahead, but there's always something.  I'm sure you know exactly what I mean.

When I was in high school we got our schedules in the mail and we showed up on the first day.  Now it's an entire production and huge ordeal...and expensive.  I never had to pay for anything in high school.  Now it costs a fortune to go to public school.  In order to register for school you have to show up on registration day, go to the library and take a number.  Take a number.  Really?  I don't want to go to the school and take a number and sit.  oh well.  When your number is called you have to go down the line and hand in certain papers to specific people out of the packet we were mailed and told to fill in ahead of time.  Then you had to go get your schedule.  Sami was a lucky one who got a blue paper, which meant there was a problem with her schedule and we had to take do an extra step and go see the guidance counselor.  After we dealt with that we went to the lecture hall and guess what we did!  Took another number.  And sat and waited.  Then we had to pay all the fees, get a locker assigned and then take the photo and get a student ID.  Then, finally, you got in line to get your text books checked out.  What an ordeal!!!! 

On the beady side, I got something in the mail today!  Do you remember the Picasso Jasper cab I got a while back? Here is a pic of it again in case you forgot...
Gorgeous, isn't it???!!!  Well, I got something in the mail today from over at Believe Jewelry Supply on Etsy.  She has amazing beads, some very pretty finished work and FABULOUS prices!!!!  Go check her out!

Anyways, I got a fantastically beautiful string of Picasso Jasper coins to go with the cab I got.  What do you think of these?
And the other sides of all of them...(click for a larger view)
I am SO excited to work with these and make something stunning very soon.  I'm still in book mode, but soon I'll switch gears and get back into create for myself mode.  I'm very sorry I can't show anything I've been working so hard on, but of course I can't ruin the surprise of the finished book, right?

Drop me a line and tell me what you've been up to.  I know I have been neglecting a lot of blog reading and commenting, and I apologize for that.  I will get back into the swing of things very soon.  Hope you all have a super weekend!  Bead Happy!


Danielle said...

Hi Lisa, Was a very nice surprise to see your blog post. Wow, school starts early there, kids in Canada go back to school after labour day monday, which this year I think is about the 8th and get out by around the 25th of June. I have a new photo of a completed necklace in my photo album on Facebook if you have time to take a look. Take care and talk soon!

Craftymoose Crafts said...

How frustrating all that "take a number" stuff is! I guess they have their reasons for doing it that way.

It is so exciting to have your projects published in a book! I can't wait to see them.

Those picasso coins are so perfect for the cab. I'm sure you will create something fabulous when you mind slows down from the book projects.

Roberta said...

They start school already? WOW! School doesn't start here until September........sheesh!

Barbara said...

Hey there Lisa, You rose to the top of my blog roll with your new post, so I'll not miss the chance to take a peek. First, wow!, I'm glad my kids are all grown. It was not such a production when they were in school getting back into it each summer. Sounds more like a college registration! Nothing is simple anymore, is it? I love your cab and beads, will be watching for what you create with them. I'm still trying to keep up as well, my newest doll is on my blog. Perhaps when summer is over and things calm down for all of us, there will be more to post. Hang in there, fall is coming soon!

Abracadebra Designs said...

Wow, Getting back to school sounds like a major ordeal where you are. We get a letter in the mail saying which home room to report to and that's it. The rest is taken care of in school on the first day. Plus I only have 1 child. I can't wait til school starts. More beading time!!!!! You are right, Your jasper cab is gorgeous and so is the strand. Can't wait to see what you make. - Debbie