Sunday, August 28, 2011

Mirrix Loom For Sale

Hi ho, everyone!  I hope all of my friends out there in blogland are doing well.  I have an Ebay listing up right now.  I have an 8" Mirrix Lani Loom that I have never used that I am selling.  If you are interested, please click here to go to the listing.  There are about 3 1/2 days left to bid, or you can buy it outright now for 50% off the current list price.  The opening bid is $50.00.  There is only one bid right now, but there are 8 people watching it, so I expect there will be bids close to when it ends.  Here is a photo of what will come in the box:

On beady news, I've got nothing.  I strung a necklace on beading wire with just a mix of beads and there 2 beads on it that are making me not like it.  I need to restring it and get those beads off.  It's on a stand on my kitchen counter and I wrinkle my nose and make the icky face when I pass it by.  Other than that, nothing really.  Ever since I worked on and finished the book projects, things have really quieted down for a while.  I think part of it was because I was so intensely working on those things that I got a little worn out and now need a break.

What is on your table?  Share with me.  Or drop me a note and just say hi.  Anyone is welcome to email me at anytime at  Hope to hear from you!

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Jan said...

Hi Lisa, its funny, I was thinking of you and your family today and I checked your blog, saw you hadn't posted in a week or more. I was going to send you an email but didn't right then and now here you are again. I've been concerned for you and your family. I hope no news is good news.

good luck selling your loom, hope it goes for a good price.