Saturday, August 13, 2011

Say some prayers, light a candle, have good thoughts...whatever it is that you do.

I've been pretty worried about my son, Matthew.  He went to the pediatrician on August 1st for a routine physical for football, some booster shots and an asthma check up.  And he peed in a cup.  I got a call from the doctor's office that they did a paper strip test and it showed positive for microscopic blood in his urine.  They had us go to the lab for a better test, and it came back with the same results.  They want to find out if he's got any kidney disease or abnormalities that would be causing the blood.  We had to go yesterday to get 3 vials of blood drawn for a blood work up.  I am happy to report that I got a call from the doctor's office today and those tests came back fine.  He had one more test this afternoon.  He had an ultrasound of his kidneys and bladder.  Of course the ultrasound tech won't tell you squat, so we have to wait until next week to hear anything about the results of that test.  He's concerned.  Questions like, "will they have to cut me ope?" and "what if I die?" don't make me a very happy mommy. 

So, whatever it is that you do to get out the good juju, please do it for my little guy, Matthew.  He's such a good kid and deserves good vibes.

At the same time, Jeff got laid off again on Thursday.  The fortunate thing was that he worked just long enough for our insurance to kick in on August 1st to help pay for all these tests.  Bad thing is, our savings won't hold out much longer.  Put out some good juju for my big guy, too.  We need him to get back to work quickly.  The jobs are coming in through the union quicker now than they were 6 months ago, which is a very good thing.  I get nervous when I hear talk about a double-dip recession and worry that the work will dry up again.

Please keep my family in your thoughts.  Thank you.


Carol said...

OK, I am sending good vibes to you for tests and jobs and MORE. You need a break...a good one.

The one thing I have found with medical tests is that they do everything under the sun to be sure there is nothing they missed. Keep a good thought.
xx, Carol

Roberta said...

Sending good thoughts your way. I hope it is nothing and everything gets back to normal soon.

Mandy said...

Sending good energy your way! Hang in there Lisa!

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Sending good vibes for both of your guys! I'll keep your family in my prayers.

Jan said...

I'm sorry to hear your family is having these concerns and struggles. I will definitely put you on my prayer list. Maybe Matthew just got hit in the kidney in football practice, that would cause a little blood to show. Best of luck for you all.

Danielle said...

Positive thoughts, good wishes, and prayers headed your way.


Dees said...

What hardship did hit you again this time? I know what that must feel like. I will send good vibes and think good thoughts for your whole family!

Abracadebra Designs said...

Hey there Lisa, I am hoping and praying that everything ends up ok for you and your family.