Friday, June 3, 2011

Card Class Pics

A couple of you wanted to see pics of the cards Sara and I made on Wednesday.  The lighting wasn't the best.  The cards were supposed to be an assortment of sentiments, but I chose to make mine Thank You notes.  I will use those most often.  Sara was more creative with hers.  She had fun choosing the sayings and doing the stamps.  I'll show you mine (I left my insides blank), and then Sara's and how hers were different.

Father's Day Card
Sara's Mini Father's Day Card  (hers is only a few inches each way, whereas mine is a full size card.  You can tell the difference in the sizes by comparing the "Happy Father's Day" circles...they are the same size, but hers takes up a lot of her card.)  It's super cute.  The card closes by tucking up under the collar.  Inside is a square of paper to write your message on.
I messed up with my stamping on this one a little bit.  I put the curly q going too far in the middle of the strip, so there wasn't enough room for the heart stamp that was supposed to go on it.
Here is Sara's (done correctly).
Another one...
and the inside...isn't that such a cute little saying?
My peacock card.  It is silver embossed and then painted with a little fingertip dobber and a feather stamp.  It's really pretty.
Sara's peacock card and her inside saying.  She said she loves it too much to give it away.  This is her favorite.
And the last card.  I was getting real tired by this time and my brain was on overload, so I left off some elements and simplified mine.
Here is Sara's last card done correctly with the little pinwheels.  Very cute.
Didn't Sara do a great job?  She's very creative and artistically talented.  Thank you to Beth A. for a very fun afternoon!!!


Carol said...

They are just absolutely stunning!! You have another trade for sure, selling hand made cards!!
xx, Carol

Craftymoose Crafts said...

What fun! You both did a great job. Nothing like a handmade card for sure! Have a great weekend.

Mandy said...

Lisa and Sara those are adorable! They look totally professionally done. It looks like a lot of fun!

Robbie said...

All your work/cards are SO nice! And special because you got to work on them together!

Abracadebra Designs said...

Hey there, You both did a wonderful job. Thanks for showing us.