Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Special Request for a Little Girl

Do you remember the cute little blue/peach/green flowery chain I did the other day?  It got snagged up yesterday.  A good friend of mine thought it would be a great present for her granddaughter.  She wanted one for the sister, too, but not exactly the same.  She thought maybe red flowers instead of blue and peach, but then I was concerned if the red and green would look to Christmasy.  My friend was saying how the girls are very different people and she likes to give them unique gifts.  She asked if maybe there was a similar stitch that wasn't the same.  I said that I had never done it before, but the daisy chain would make an adorable necklace for a 7 year old girl.  So I set about to learn how to make a daisy chain.

I have to admit, I don't think I did my daisies exactly "correctly" but I won't tell if you won't tell.  ;)  It just worked out better the way I did it, and I think it looks great.  I finished it up and I had my Sara try it on to see how it would look.  Ooooh, I thought it was super way cute, and I told her to go look in the mirror.  She came back with her shirt up over her chin and said, "What?  I don't have anything!"  lol.  That meant she wanted it.  Of course I told her I would make her one too, and I did.

Here are some pics of the Daisy Chain necklace with lots of multi colored flowers.  Makes me think of a spring time garden.
Once I got it beaded I doubled the thread back through with lots of half hitch knots along the way to reinforce and secure it since it is for a little girl.  They tend to be a little rougher on things.  Cute, isn't it?

I had a very long, but good, day today.  I only got a few hours of sleep, so I was real tired which concerned me.  I was wondering how well I would make it through the day because when I get tired I don't function well at all.  I'm not one who can power through.  Nope.  My brain says, "Overload!" and just shuts down.  Kind of frustrating sometimes.  Sometimes I can only last an hour.  Today, though, I lasted almost 6 hours!!!!!  Holy cow, that is some kind of record for me!  I went to a card making class with my good friend Beth (she sells Close to My Heart scrapbooking supplies).  We made 5 different cards, and they were all beautiful!  The kids were supposed to stay in the bedroom and watch a movie on the DVD player, but the player wouldn't work.  Pretty soon Sara made her way to the table and Beth was very tolerant and gracious and let her join us.  Matthew stayed in the bedroom and played Sara's Nintendo DS and didn't complain one single time through the entire class!!!  Such a good natured kid.  Never causes waves. 

After the class was over and the guests had left it was the kids' turn for some fun.  Beth has a swimming pool and the kids got to go swimming!  They had such a good time and played so well together.  It makes my heart happy to see them get along so can tell they'll be very close throughout their adult years.

So that was my day.  How about you?


Mandy said...

Sounds like an awesome day! Would love to see pics of the cards!

Barbara said...

Adorable necklace!!!!!!!!!

Abracadebra Designs said...

Hey there, Glad you had a good day.
The necklace is very sweet. Yeah, I'd like to see the cards, too.

Jan said...

The daisy chain necklace is perfect for the little girl! It is so cute, and you know she will love it since your girl gave it double thumbs up.

I hope you aren't too tired tomorrow from the cumulative effects. Take it easy.