Monday, June 13, 2011

Checking In

I have not posted for a bit, so I thought I'd better check in.  I have been busy beading, but the two projects I am working on have been taking forever to finish.  I am working on two necklaces.  One is peachy something or other, tangerine and brown...ick, right?  it really doesn't look bad.  I like's different!  The other is bronze, gold, cream, transparent and brown with an embroidered cabochon pendant.  I'm not sure how to attach the cab.  I've never beaded a bail and attached one before, so I'm going to be winging it.  And I'm hoping the rope is sturdy enough to handle it because it looks really pretty together. 

I have to go buy some clasps for them also.  But it is getting hot here (low 100's) during the day, and the A/C in my car has been broken for quite some time.  So I don't drive during the day unless it's absolutely mandatory.  Then by the time evening rolls around, the sun has gone down and it's cooled down a bit, all I want to do is stay home.   I'm going to a Craft Night at a friend's house tomorrow evening, and I'm hoping to have at least one of these necklaces done in time to show. 

In between beading on my projects and stuff around the house, I have been busy playing with Studio J and making more scrapbook pages.  I've done quite a few, but I'm going to post just a couple for you to see a glimpse into my world.  The first page was 4th of July when we lived in Plattsmouth, Nebraska in 2006.  It was a tiny little town taken out of the pages of the books of days gone by, and they had a tremendous fireworks display down by the river.  Matthew was so scared of the fireworks.  But did you know that zombies love fireworks?  It's true.  They are attracted to the big booms.  And Matthew loves zombies.  So he played he was a zombie during some of the show to get through it all.  lol.  The pic of him with his head dropped while standing up is his zombie impersonation.  The first pic of Jeff and Sara is one of my all time favorites.  You can click for a larger view.

The 2nd one is of Sara.  We had a beauty day and I put a little bit of makeup on her, then she modeled and posed for the camera.  What a doll!  This was also in 2006.  The thing about this page is that Sara basically made the whole thing herself.  I uploaded the photos and did the clicking, but she made all the decisions on the paper, layout, embellishments, etc.  Didn't she do a great job?
She's so beautiful!!! :D  Sorry I don't have any beading to show you again.  I have been working on things and trying to get them done, but the two things I am working on are very time consuming.  So I hope you have enjoyed this little interim post and you now have a view into my little corner of the world.


Abracadebra Designs said...

Hey Lisa, Glad to see you are still keeping just as busy as ever. I love to see your jewelry on your blog, but seeing your scrap book pages and your lovely family is just as nice.

Beth Avagliano said...


You are a mulit-talented, very gifted person. I hate to sound like a scrapbooking snob, but I adore seeing great scrapbooking! (If you are wondering what bad scrapbooking looks like, you have never seen it!)

These precious faces are priceless. Preserving them and their stories is priceless.

People usually aren't too interesting in looking at other peoples' photos. But pull out a scrapbook and give them some time. Tell them the stories.

Your kids and their kids will love these forever.

Robbie said...

Your scrapbook pages are so adorable!! So nice to have for a keepsake. And we know you'll have beading to show us all again soon!