Friday, June 17, 2011

new bracelet done tonight

No, not THIS kind of ladder.  I did a bracelet based on a pattern by Silvana's a free project with Bead & Button.  It's called Bugle Clusters and is based on the ladder stitch.  I must admit that I am NOT very good at reading instructions or illustrations.  I do so much better with videos.  But tonight all I had was the written instructions.  I used seed beads in two different colors each of 6/0 and 11/0 and then 6mm bugles. 

If I understood the directions correctly I was to make 2 separate ladder stitched lines, 2 beads tall and divisible by 3.  I went with 42 stacks.  Then it's just a matter of stringing in the middles and stitching the top and bottom onto the middle in the process.  In the picture there are the 3 bead picots on the top and bottom edges that goes across 2 and skips a space.  In the skipped space I decided to go back and add the same 6/0 I used in the middle of the bugle clusters. 

I first ran into trouble when I was trying to figure out the clasp.  She did a toggle using a headpin.  Hmmm.  Ok.  So I went searching for my 2" headpins as the directions say and got out my wire tools.  If I strung the beads in the pattern she said, it wouldn't have fit on my headpin, even though I used a 2" headpin just like she said.  So I adjusted it to a shorter pattern and made my little toggle.  Then to attach it, it said to put the needle/thread through the middle 6/0 seed bead on the wire and go around through it a couple times.  NOT!!!  The needle does NOT fit through there.  I don't know what gauge of wire she used, but mine was definitely too thick.  And if I used a much smaller wire so that it would fit, the wire would be so easy to bend I don't see how it would be functional.  So I scrapped the wire toggle and went with a simple beaded loop and lobster claw clasp.

My next problem was trying to understand how to embellish the center of the bracelet.  I simply could not figure it out.  I tried so many times, and it just looked like a heap of a mess every time.  I decided not to embellish.  Then once I was all done, my bracelet with the clasp was MUCH too long.  I let out a heavy sigh and started ripping it apart.  I managed to salvage the ladder stitched top and bottom so at least I didn't have to do that over again.  And I was able to save a few pieces of usable Fireline.  I only had a tiny bit left on the spool and I was afraid of running out.  Then I put the whole thing together again.  This time I didn't add the last single line of bugles on the ends and did the clasp instead from the middle of the last cluster on each side.  When I was done, it measured just at 7 1/2", so I was much happier with that.  Yes, I know that will still be too big for the thin women out there, but I think 7 1/2" is an average size that fits a lot of people.  I can always make another one smaller if anyone ever decided they wanted one from me, right?

Even though it's not embellished, I still think it's pretty.  The 6/0 in the center of the clusters and along the outside edges is one of those that changes colors from purple to green to a little bit of gold depending on how the light hits them.  The other beads making the picot on the edge is my very favoritest (yes, that's a word in my book) purple seed beads.  They are a true, beautiful purple and I love them.  The bugles and other seed beads are greens, but not solid.  The colors have a slight variation to them that makes them very pretty.

Here is my Bugle Clusters bracelet that I did tonight.  And if you're keeping track, yes, I am still avoiding that other project that I can't seem to finish.  Obviously I'd have a better chance of finishing it if I stopped starting new things.

And wouldn't you know it...good thing I was able to save a few strands of that Fireline because between the reused thread and the little bit that was left on the spool, I had just enough.  Yea!


Mandy said...

Looks great Lisa! I'm curious as to what type of embellishment you left off, cause I think it look complete the way it is! Love those purple beads! No you have me REALLY curious about the other project. hee hee

Robbie said...

It's really quite lovely, Lisa..not sure what the other embellishment(s) should be but I wouldn't add anything to it! Nice work as usual!

Robin said...

Oooooooooooh! I reallly like this one!