Sunday, May 23, 2010

Amazing Free Resource...Check It Out!!!

Robin Atkins is an amazing beader, author, teacher, mentor, friend...the list could go on and on.  She has decided to no longer print one of her books, One Bead at a Time.  However, she has made this book available as a FREE DOWNLOAD!!! 

I highly recommend this book to all bead embroiderers, whether you are experienced or even just thinking about taking on this wonderful hobby.  For more information, please visit her blog, Beadlust.  Also, take some time to look at her website here as well for other must-have books. 

There is also a lot of discussion floating around out there about what to use for backing.  I buy my interleaving paper for backing from Robin, and you can look at her supplies to order some from her.  It is lightweight, acid free, and it becomes soft and pliable the more you bead on it.

This is a fabulous book, and I highly recommend downloading it to your computer for some valuable reading material!


Robin said...

Thanks for posting about my offer of a free download or e-book. I'm so pleased to have it available now to everybody and your post helps to get the offer to many more beaders and potential beaders... even to those interested in related arts. Yay!!!

Robin A.

Anonymous said...
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