Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Blogger went haywire on me

I just had a really weird thing happen.  I made a post 3 days ago and thought that nobody liked what I had to show because just one person left a comment.  I went to look at the post from my dashboard because I needed the link to give to someone, and it said that my post was still in edit and not published!  I thought how weird is that because one person did comment on it.  Then I scrolled through the blogroll, and sure enough it showed up as having been posted 3 days ago.  But then it was mysteriously in edit mode.  hmmmm.  I'm very confused.  Not that it takes much these days.  But anyhow, I just wanted to let you know if you haven't seen it, or tried to see it and it wasn't there, please look at my previous post.  I showed something I made that's actually not beading.  And some updated info on the contest I'm in.  Please go have a look-see. 


Jan said...

I will go look. sometimes my posts don't show up for days either, I have no idea why.

Carol said...

Bogger has been doing crazy things lately. I hate when I post a comment then magically it disappears into nowhere. Usually it happens when I make my best comments too!

Anonymous said...

weird what post was it?