Friday, March 4, 2011

Please Visit

Solar Flare, Wall Art by Jan
I just wanted everyone to know that there are a couple new shops in town!  First of all, I want to tell you about my good friend, Jan, over at Laughing Dog Arts on Etsy.  Her shop is newly re-opened, and I really encourage you to go take a look at the vibrant, colorful works of art she has to offer.  Jan does amazing things with fibers and beads.  Please go take a look, and keep checking back because I'm sure she'll be adding more wonderful pieces.  This is just one example.  Look at those colors, shapes and textures!  She also has a blog that I'm sure you will want to see, also Laughing Dog Arts, right here on blogspot. 

Next up is a teaser.  You know how I'm always talking about the fantabulous work done by my super friend Beth over at Bellesanbeaus Crafts?  Well, guess what!!!  She is finally going to be opening an Etsy shop!  I'm so excited about that!  I don't have the URL yet, but you can be sure that as soon as I have it, you will get it!  Isn't the banner for her Etsy shop really cute?  lol...I can say that because I made it for her.  :)

I opened an Artfire shop!  I actually opened an account months ago, but I just started putting things in it.  If you've visited my Etsy shop, thank you very much!  But I want to tell you that each of my shops carries a few different things.  So if you're not looking at all of them, you may be missing something.  Please stop in!  I would be ever so grateful for whispers in the ears of even just one of your friends that I exist.  Word of mouth is the best way to grow, and I'm just asking for that little seed.  Also, did you know that I design patterns for peyote and loom/square stitch?  If you do these stitches, come see my 174 patterns for both tapestries (large and small) and bracelets.  You can find me at The Bead Coop.  Links for my Shop Handmade and Etsy stores are in the right side bar.

I want to thank you all for being a part of my little corner of the world.  It gives me so much pleasure to share with you and hear from you!


Craftymoose Crafts said...

Good Luck to you and everyone else on the opening of their shops!

Beadwright said...

Hey congrats on the the artfire and bead coop. As for Beth she is so awesome. I love her lady faces. Glad she has a shop now. And Jan,well she is just amazing.

Jan said...

Lisa, you are so kind to give this shout out for my sites, I appreciate it. I didn't know you have patterns for sale, I'm going to go take a look now. All your work is amazing, I hope you achieve more sales and I will certainly be sharing your site with people in hopes of helping you out that way.