Sunday, March 27, 2011

New Opportunity

I'm sorry if I haven't gotten to everyone's blog posts this weekend.  Please forgive me.  I ask that you all keep my family in your thoughts, prayers, send hugs...whatever it is that you do.  It was an extremely traumatic weekend, and I will never be the same. 

I went out with my mil and daughter today for a day out, trying to carry on and forcing myself to not sit and think.  It was a good day for the most part.  Samantha, who hardly ever goes out with us, went and she got pretty spoiled.  A new haircut, some clothes, a flat iron, body wash, and a smoothie to top it off.  Oh!  And a Buzz Lightyear bubble wand from Michael's!  lol.  We were standing there and the display was in front of us while we were waiting for my mil.  I jokingly asked her if she wanted one.  She said yes!  Even 15 year olds need bubbles in their lives, right?  I bought the bubbles and a little package of fimo clay.  I had my 25% off purchase coupon in my hand and the man behind me said he would buy my coupon off me.  I thought he was joking at first, but he wasn't.  At first he said he would split his savings difference with me (his order before the coupon was almost $80), but I felt guilty about that.  My things only came to $5.98, so I said I'd be more than happy with a fiver.  He was so happy and willing to do that!  lol.  It worked out for both of us...He saved a bunch and I got mine for 98 cents!

On to my new opportunity.  We have an art district here in my town with lots of artsy fartsy things, jewelry, clothing, southwest stuff, a few souvenir shops, lots of paintings, pottery and other artwork.  My mil yesterday went into two of the shops and while she was there asked the people if they use work from local artists in their shops.  She said her dil does really wonderful jewelry and beadwork.  (Thank you, Linda) They said to bring it in.  We went into one shop, and the shop owner (Nooshie) was a very sweet, outgoing woman.  She looked at my things I had packed up.  She is putting 3 of my things in her jewelry case with my business cards (no rent for shelf space) and showing them on consignment.  We really had a hard time discussing prices, though.  I got the short end of the stick.  On one hand she's stressing to me how she wants everything to be sterling silver and then she's talking about how other artists sell her things dirt cheap.  Sterling silver and dirt cheap don't go well together.  I gave her my pieces well below what I feel they are worth and lower than what they are listed for in my shops (barely even over my costs), but if I sell them then I get to buy more beads.  I don't know how to buy good quality beads cheaply.  What's wrong with silver plated components anyways?

We ended up not going to the 2nd shop because they were closed and not going to be back for a couple hours.

I would really love to have conversation on this, so please leave your comments and tell me your thoughts/experiences.

ONE MORE POST TILL THE BIG 100TH POST CELEBRATION!  I hope you all join me...keep watching for it.


Carol said...

Well, there's the dilemma of selling your items on consignment.

I used to sell back in the 80s-90s, but I got tired of trying to figure out what the next big thing would be and it became a job I began to dislike.

I will say this to you..its better to pass on a bad consignment deal than to compromise what you make and the price.

Personally, I will pay for a well made sterling price if the designs crys buy me. I am not so eager to buy silver plated which usually wears off over time. But then, I am older and selective on what I spend my $$ on.

From experience, I know that you MUST have a contract if you leave your items in a shop. You can have a very bad experience without it.

You need to research this more, Lisa. Its a thrill to have a shop what to sell your art, but by the time the thrill is gone, you COULD be crushed.

Good luck with this. The bead community has written a lot about this very situation.
xx, Carol

Beadwright said...

During the 1990's I taught a class across the country to store owners and artists on WHY NOT to do consignment, how to write a contract for sales and if you must consign, NEVER go into a sales without a contract that both parties sign. You should NEVER EVER EVER lower your price. Here is the main thing I hate about consignment. You are making that shop beautiful with your items. A shop owner is not oblige to sell your items first. They will sell the items they have paid for outright. Weather that be from an artist or a wholesaler. You can't go into a shop and say.... I want to buy that necklace but I will pay you for it later. That is what consignment is. Give me your goods and I will pay you later if they sell. Shame on this lady who made you lower your price. I use to sell in Scottsdale and always got paid outright.

flyingbeader said...

I haven't taught since my favorite local bead store closed last Summer, but I really do need to get myself together & do it at the bead store that has contacted me.

As for galleries, I had really bad luck & decided to withdraw from them until I could come up with something that was "cheap"..yes I said! I was trying to compete with people who strung a few beads onto some soft flex & charged less than $25. Here I was with stuff I spend days on wanting $100 which was cheap to me but I wanted to say I was a successful artist. Guess what people bought? I did sell a few things at another gallery, but once she told a customer that I would remake the piece to fit this woman who was very very large...did I get extra, heck no because I never said I wanted extra when I originally put stuff in the gallery. Be care, make sure you understand everything & THEY understand everything you want. I do better selling at conferences & literally off my arm. My area, everyone wants a bargain...I can't afford to supplement the bargain hunters.

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Well, this certainly was an eye opener for me! I've not really considered consignment for my flowers, but I am so glad to have this info. Hope it works out for you.

Jan said...

I will certainly keep you and your family in my heart and in my prayers. I don't know what happened to cause you such traumatic pain, I suspect it isn't your experience at the bead shop. Hope things have resolved by now and that you are feeling better. YOu already received some good advice, especially from nicole who has had plenty of experience. You do marvelous work, don't sell yourself short. it is a tough world out there for struggling artists. I become quite depressed at times when nothing of mine sells. I stop for awhile and eventually my desire to create comes back and I tell myself that I make it for myself, not because I want to sell. I realize that you could really use the money from sales so that aspect is more important to you. I wish you all the best, Lisa. Don't give up!