Thursday, March 24, 2011

Branching Out...again

Hi, all.  Hope everyone has been having a great week.  Things will be changing around my house.  My son and his girlfriend finally got a car yesterday!  That means my taxi service duties will drastically be cut down.  I'm really excited about that!  That's all the news I have from the home front. 

But in the beady world I have decided to do something new.  Do you remember how I had bead embroidery videos up on that video website (not youtube)?  And then how I took them down because I thought they were crooks?  Well, I had someone ask about them, so what I decided to do was post them on another blog.  I wanted to see what Wordpress was like, and was thinking maybe I'd be able to meet a whole new group of people besides all you wonderful ones here on Blogger.  So I started a Wordpress blog, and I have decided to start posting my bead embroidery video series on it.  I am hosting through youtube, but I have the videos marked as "unlisted", which means you can't search for them on youtube.  The only way you (and all your friends you tell about it *wink*) is by going to my new blog and watching them from there.  I've only got a couple up right now, but if you bookmark the page you can keep coming back and checking for more.

Is there something other than bead embroidery you would like to see a video of?  Leave me your comments and suggestions and maybe I can make a video of your request.  To go to my Wordpress blog, click here

Also trying to think of what I should have for my giveaway for reaching 100 posts.  hmmmm. what to do, what to do.  Such dilemmas I have these days.


Craftymoose Crafts said...

Good Luck, Lisa. I hope the videos on the new blog bring you lots of exposure!

Robbie said...

Good for you Lisa!! I've enjoyed your video's and will continue to do so. Thanks!! I'm heading over to the new blog!

Carol said...

Congrats Lisa. You are really focused. I'm sure you WILL meet a whole new group of friends. Birds of a feather you know!
xx, Carol

Anonymous said...

Cool! I'm heading there now, I love me some bead embroidery!