Friday, March 18, 2011

Can you please help me? I need votes!

I have entered my very first beading contest!  I am not a "bead diva" and I am not in the "in crowd", so I need all the help I can get from those of you who read my blog, because we're all friends, right?  YES!!!  I have entered a contest by Ecuadorian Hands.  They run a monthly contest to promote tagua beads.  Have you heard of tagua?  I'll give you a little info, because they really a great item to know about and use.  Tagua comes from the ivory palm.  When the tagua is dried out it can be used just as elephant ivory.  It is very hard, can be carved just like ivory to make things like figurines, and of course...beads.  Tagua is also dyed with some really gorgeous, vibrant colors.

They have just opened up the contest to include all materials, not just tagua, in an effort to more widely promote the use of tagua and TO SAVE ELEPHANTS!  And, if I remember correctly from when I bought some of these types of beads, some of the money from the sale of tagua is also used to help save rain forests.  Are these good causes, or what???!!! 

I am really hoping that you will take the time to go to my entry and leave a comment to vote for my hard work in making my netted collar.

To vote for me, please click HERE.

Thank you so much!!!


Mandy said...

LMAO! That toast is hysterical!!!! Those beads sound great, I will check them out. And you will have my vote!


Carol said...

seriously! toast? What I riot.
I voted. It's a great piece.

Barbara said...

Done! And if there was a contest for toast sculpture, I'd vote for that too!

Lynn said...

I voted!! Good luck - yours really is the best entry!

LissC said...

i'm for anything that saves an animal. I will go and see if i can vote :)