Saturday, May 14, 2011

Beading Day With The Girls

Today was a very fun day!  I had two ladies come over, Beth and Eve, to learn how to do some beading.  We started with this pattern of mine in square stitch.  Neither were used to working with such tiny beads as delicas, so it was a challenge to pick up and work with those little buggers. 

We were going right along learning how to do this, and Eve made a mistake.  The pattern is set up for loom, so it reads left to right on all the rows.  Well, for square stitch you have to go left to right, flip over the work for the next row and then go right to left.  She forgot to read the 2nd row backwards, so we were going to have to take out the work.  The beads weren't agreeing with us and they weren't coming out, the thread was fraying, etc.  So we ended up just starting over.  I said, ok I'll get you back to where you were quickly.  I started beading away, got to the 2nd row to about where she was and gave it back to her.  She then gets to only room for 2 beads left, but the chart says there should be 6 more beads.  WHAT???!!!  uh oh.  What went wrong?  I checked all the beads in the 2nd row and they were all correct.  Guess what!  I messed up from trying to go too quickly and skipped 4 beads in the first row!  I was so upset that I messed her up!  I felt so bad.  I said, "ok, what I just did....don't do that!"  Started it over again.  In the entire time the girls were here poor Eve only got through the 2nd row, and there's only 17 beads in one row.  I felt terrible having messed her up. 

We had a very fun time together, though, and I'm so glad they came over and had a bead day with me.  We're going to get together again when it's time to learn how to do the clasps.  The first two rows are the hardest because there's not much to hold on to.  Once Beth got to her 3rd row she agreed at how much easier it was.

Here are some pics of Beth and Eve.  (Oh, btw.  You've all heard me rave about Beth and her cabs.  Don't be confused.  That's Beth E.  This is Beth A.)  And...Beth was such a sweetheart.  She brought me a little goody gift...a Symphony chocolate  bar with almonds and toffee bits!  OOOOOOH YUM!!!!!   Guess what I'll be snacking on tonight!!!
Beth holding up her first two little rows. lol
Eve's first couple rows...I don't know if this was the 1st, 2nd or 3rd time we did it. lol
I don't have many friends...I'm pretty anti-social.  So it was fun to interact with live humans for a change (not that I don't love and appreciate all of's just different).  And my hubby was so cute.  I laid down for a nap before they came and when I got up he had gone shopping for our little get-together.  He got several kinds of soda and some Chex Mix to munch on.  Wasn't that thoughtful of him?  He's so cute.


Jan said...

What fun! I didn't have friends before I got involved with my S&B group but now I do and it is so good to have girl friends! I hope you and these gals keep meeting, it will do you good. Your husband sounds like a great guy.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had so much fun! Funny we are so much alike, I don't have many friends either and I'm pretty anti-social! LOL. That was so sweet of your husband to go get the snacks, sounds like a perfect day.

flyingbeader said...

Looks like you had a fun time!

Carol said...

How cool!!
All my best friends have passed on. I don't really make new friends easily. Funny, when I was younger I did. Everyone is so busy, we don't have time to nurture relationships as we should. So its usually Terry and me.

Yes, your husband was so thoughtful to get snacks for your friends. That makes me happy for you. Its one of those "little things" that is really a big thing.

Barbara said...

I'm a bit like that too...not a batch of friends, just a couple really good ones. Working with delicas is a challenge, good for everyone! Your pattern is very pretty! Yay, hubby!

Eve said...

Oh Lisa, thank you for posting, That was so much fun. You are a pro. I have never seen anything like those in person. Beautiful work. I hope to get 1/10th as good as you are some day. Thanks again.

Lynn said...

I recently staring having 2 new friends over to teach them beading too! That is such a weird coincidence isn't it?

I'm teaching them bead embroidery and they are making magnets like my BJP. We have met a few times now and even went bead shopping together. Its been such a treat getting to know them :)