Saturday, May 7, 2011

May Bead Journal Project

For those of you who have been watching my BJP entries for 2011, you know that I am learning 1 new stitch a month and making a necklace/bracelet set to learn and master some new skills.  The stitch I learned this past month is the spiral rope stitch.  I used 2 different colors of size 8's (green and blue) and alternated them in the core.  To spiral around I used 6 different colors of 11's and 2 colors of 10's (purples, blues, a green and a pink).  I picked them up randomly.  That's to reflect how I've been feeling lately.  Things are randomly organized if that makes sense to you.  I also used little bits of things I had only a few of to swirl around the spiral.  That's the little bit of chaos thrown into my life. lol. 

This rope took a lot of time and dedication.  The bracelet is 7.5" and the rope is 35".  I was soooo over the spiral stitch by the time I was half way through it, lol and I had to really make myself continue.  But I do like the look of the spiral stitch, and I'm positive I will use it again in the future.  Maybe not on such a long rope, though.  It is long enough to wear both as a long necklace or doubled as a short necklace.  This piece to me has a little bit of quirky charm.  There are different sizes, shapes and colors of flowers, discs, iris beads, glass rounds, some puffy pillow types, a cube, some pretty magatamas and all the while consistently placed gold metal discs in between.  So on every angle of the rope there is something colorful and fun to look at.  And with all these colors, it will go with anything!  :)

Here is the set I call "Baubles & Bits".
As usual, if you want a closer look just click on the pics.  I've got ideas floating around in my head for June's BJP, and I'm thinking I would really like to incorporate some of the cabs and beads I have been making with the polymer clay.  Lots of fun!

To all my mommy readers, whether to people babies or fur babies...Happy Mother's Day!


Anonymous said...

Lisa that is gorgeous! I love the colors and the quirky stuff, it looks really good! I can't believe you finished May already! I haven't even started mine yet. Have a great Mom Day!

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Pretty & colorful Lisa! Happy Mother's Day to you too!

Abracadebra Designs said...

Hi Lisa, Your embellished spiral ropes are really pretty. Love all the colors and "quirkyness". Geez, I've been doing spiral ropes for years and never really thought of embellishing them. What a great idea. Wow, 35 inches, you must have the patience of a Saint.

Robbie said...

You rock! Very nice piece!

The Blissful Banter of a Creative Crafter said...

Looks like spring! Lovely.
Analisa in Dubai

kaysim said...

You're right, there is a "quirky" charm to this and I love that you can wear your BJP.

Barbara said...

Very, very pretty, so striking! One day I will learn that spiral stitch.